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Jay 영어회화 초보반 - Week 8: Life choices

Today's topic was 'Life choices'. We spent some time to reflect on what we would do if we had infinite amount of money. Admit it or not, money is often a key factor in our life decisions, so it was interesting to talk about how removing that restraint would influence our decisions.
Usually when we discuss this issue, people talk about going traveling or buying beautiful houses. But it was surprising to find that today's members were very content with their life at the moment. They shared that they value the serenity of everyday routines and the adequate level of stress and challenges. Above all, they wanted to set an example to their children, for which they should strive to take part in the society as responsible human beings, instead of chasing after glorious lifestyles.

Jay 영어회화 - 초보반 수업 내용
Jay 영어회화 - 초보반 수업 내용


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